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Mar 28, 2021 | General

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What began in response to the critical need for supplemental books in underfunded schools has become Books for Classrooms – Because every child deserves to see themselves in books in their classroom.

Central to our mission is the enduring pursuit of books that promote inclusion, celebrate diversity, break down barriers and generate empathy across divides. Through the tireless work of our retired volunteer educators, we have compiled a list of 800 books (and growing!) for children grades K – 12 made available for free to our community’s classrooms in-need. This list is available to all and can be ordered here.

The inaccessibility to books that low-income households experience is startling. Books are the lifeblood of an education and kindle the curiosity of young minds, which studies show can lead to future interest in learning and positive outcomes in the classroom and beyond. Ensuring that all children have access to books, particularly ones they can recognize themselves in, is vital to their successes of tomorrow.

In this blog, we will be diving head-first into the vast and fascinating landscapes of our compiled reading list. From illustrated storybooks to YA, we’ll learn about an African-American boy named Styx, a Native American girl named Apple, the epic fight for women’s rights, the ongoing struggle for racial equality, the battle against gender and sexual identity biases, the realities of climate change and much, much more.

Join us in reading along and celebrate how diversity contributes to a rich, empathetic and equitable world. And if you feel an urge to get involved, please check out the rest of our website for the many ways in which you can do so!

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